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User Guides

            1:    iPACS - User's Review Guide

            2:    Epic - iPACS Quick Reference Guide

            3:    iConnect Access Viewing Platforms

            4:    Viewer Tools Quick Reference

            5:    iPACS On Any Browser

            6:    Viewing Reports On iPACS


User Video Training

            1:    General Introduction To iPACS (Merge iConnect Access)  [5 min 43 sec]

            2:    iPACS Does Not Let Me Log On  [1 min 6 sec]

            3:    How Can I Set My Own User Preferences [2 min 28 sec]

            4:    What Is Grouping  [1 min 12 sec]

            5:    Some Viewer Tools And Features  [3 min 37 sec]

            6:    How Do I View Prior Reports And Studies  [1 min 26 sec]

            7:    Viewing Lossy (Faster Loading) Or Lossless (Higher Quality) Images  [55 sec]

            8:    Using More Screen To View A Larger Image  [56 sec]



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